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Terms of use


Please, read carefully the listed below terms and conditions before you use the online shop at www.vitabalance.bg.

On using the online shop at www.vitabalance.bg. , please declare that you agree with the following terms and conditions.

This document contains the general conditions under which Vita Balance Ltd., BULSTRAT: 202617956, registered at address: Sofia, kv. Reduta, 8A “Ivan Milanov” str.  sells consumer goods through its online store on Internet address: www.vitabalance.bg. , hereinafter referred to as SHOP. Whoever has charged the same Internet address through his technical device will be hereinafter referred to as USER.

On loading any page of the SHOP with embedded hyperlinks in it, or any other page of www.vitabalance.bg. or by using or paying for products offered by the SHOP, the USER agrees and fully accepts to comply with the General Terms and Conditions.
The purpose for the identifying of the USER is to determinate his statement of accepting the General Terms and Conditions, which is done by stored in the log files of the server www.vitabalance.bg. IP address of the USER, as well as other information.

Rights and responsibilities of the parties

Items in the SHOP are limited to those conditions. Vita Balance Ltd. has the right at any time and without notice, to make changes in the published products and prices, all such amendments shall enter into force upon their publication on the website of the online store: www.vitabalance.bg

Limitation of Liability

In order to purchase products from the SHOP you need to submit your personal information. This information is protectted by the Law on the protection of personal data. The SHOP uses your personal information in order to improve the services we offer. The information sent by you is only used for the fulfillment of your order.

The information sent by you is NOT provided to a third party.

Changing the prices of goods

The SHOP has the right to change prices at any time without prior notice to consumers. The User is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of the making of the order.
On discount prices, discounted prices are announced, and the new price is set below the old one,
which is crossed out.
If there were technical errors in the personal information submitted by the user during the making of the order, the SHOP has the right to refuse the performance of the order without owing any compensation to the user. If the user has paid for a specific order / and that order could not be fulfilled for the above reasons, the SHOP is obliged to return the money .

Rights and obligations under the Consumer Protection Law

Information under Art. 47 of the CPA:
1. Supplier of goods ordered from this online shop is Vita Balance Ltd, BULSTRAT: 202617956, registered address: Sofia, kv. Reduta, 8A “Ivan Milanov” str.
2. The main characteristics of the products are described in the website where the products are presented.

3. The prices of the products are listed in the webpage where the product is presented.

4. Shipping cost is NOT included in the prices of the products listed in the website. It is listed separately in the order and is added to the price of the goods when determining the total amount due to be pay.

5. Upon using the provided means for communication there is no additional cost charged.

6. All means of delivery are described in the field “Terms of delivery”

Disclaim of the ordered products

The Consumer is entitled to cancel the ordered products within 14 working days of the receipt if they are not used, are still intact on their packaging and in the form it was received and under the conditions as per Article 55 ( paragraph 0.1 ) of the CPA . This can be done through the specified in the SHOP ways. Shipping costs in this case are borne by the User and are paid to the courier on their pick up back to the SHOP. The amount paid by the user shall be refunded using the same means of payment which he initially had used, except for the shipping costs.

Incongruity of the goods and reclamations

Upon receiving the shipment, you should check the content of the parcel and the congruence of the goods to your order. For incongruity of the ordered goods with the received ones, the SHOP shall replace the products at its expense with no additional charge to the Customer. The Customer shall pay only the delivery costs.
In case of missing goods, identified by the Customer upon receiving of the order, the SHOP may offer an alternative product of equal value. If the Customer refuses the substitution of products the SHOP shall refund the appropriate amount.

If there is a problem concerning a purchased product, you can contact our representative on: 0800 160 16. Upon finding a defective product, the SHOP commits to replace it with another one of the same kind, where the shipping and other costs shall be borne by the SHOP.
If any infringements in the outer appearance of the goods occur caused during the shipping, you can contact the courier for a protocol for a damaged shipment.

The SHOP reserves the right to amend the current General terms and conditions at any time and all such amendments shall enter into force without the need for prior consent of the Consumer. The amendments enter in force automatically from the moment of their publication in the SHOP web-page: www.vitabalance.bg.. The Customer has the responsibility to periodically visit the page with the General terms and conditions to become familiar with any changes that may have occurred.